2022: A Transformational Year—More Members, More Images, and More Property Insights

It’s the end of another year, “one for the books” as the saying goes. Our 2022 review opened our eyes as we welcomed more members, introduced new machine learning products, collected Gray Sky events in multiple countries, and continued to add millions of images to our library. All of this and more is highlighted below!

Membership Growth

For us, there’s no better way to confirm that what we offer to our insurer members is resonating and found to be highly valuable than seeing our membership base grow. We are the only aerial imagery entity to be dedicated solely to insurance, specifically property and casualty. This past year we saw our membership grow by 72% and we welcomed these new members:


Hurricane Ian and Other Gray Sky Events

In many ways, we can reflect on 2022 and be grateful that we didn’t need to respond to as many natural disasters as previous years. But then came Hurricane Ian, smashing all ideas that we might be escaping a destructive hurricane season. You can read all about each Gray Sky event below we covered for 2022, including galleries of imagery.

NEW: Elements product suite for insights on millions of properties

With the immense amount of imagery and data available to our members, we looked at ways to improve how members can extract information from an image, beyond what they could see. We introduced Elements this year, a machine learning product that delivers automated insights in seconds on millions of buildings and properties in all 26 countries.

Our members can now quickly identify key information for their PIFs such as swimming pools, solar panels, sport courts, trampolines or after a disaster, use Damage Assessment to easily pinpoint the properties with the greatest amount of damage. The Elements product line of Building Footprints, Building Attributes, Property Attributes, and Damage Assessment is a game changer for every stage of the policy life cycle.

36 Million Photos…and Counting

We are supported by our Operations Partner, Vexcel, who collects, captures, and processes all the imagery and data our members access and use throughout the policy life cycle. They’ve put together an astounding review 2022 in a video, highlighting unbelievable stats such as processing 100,000 images a day, leading to 36 million images in one year! But we don’t want to give away all of the fun details. We found this short review entertaining and eye-opening–and we believe you will too!

Heartfelt Gratitude

With 2022 being such a momentous year, we wanted to send our heartfelt thanks to our many members and partners who support our mission and find value in our product offerings. We couldn’t do any of it without your continued support and we are looking forward to another year full of opportunities in 2023.