Remove Uncertainty & Improve
Customer Response Time

Safer, Faster and More Accurate Settlements

Claims adjusters need every tool available to help them better understand the merits of a claim and determine a fair amount for settlement. Blue and Gray Sky imagery from the GIC provides greater context for the condition of a property, both pre- and post-event.

“Our improved situational awareness sped up the claims process by several weeks. Policy holders came to a CRC and received a check on the spot to cover temporary living expenses.”

Keith Sandell, Geospatial Data Science Manager, Citizens Property Insurance

Propelling Innovation in Insurance with Imagery

Brit Insurance, a market-leading global specialty insurer, found immediate value when they joined the GIC in 2019. Discover how they’ve used the robust library to improved claims management and increase innovation across the policy life cycle.

No-Contact Disaster Claims

Keep your inspectors safe and out of harm’s way following a catastrophic event. Reduce the number of touch points and expedite the claims process with the rich location content.

AI-Driven Analysis

Disaster and CAT response has been fundamentally changed by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Using the GIC’s robust image library, developers mine information and extract features such as swimming pools, trampolines, solar panels, and tree overhang to provide insight at scale.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Expediting the claims process isn’t just beneficial for the insurer, it provides peace of mind for an impacted customer. By comparing before-and-after imagery, along with AI insights, insurers can quickly respond to their customers’ needs.

See Immediate Aftermath with Gray Sky

Our Gray Sky program is the most comprehensive in the industry when it comes to capturing imagery for a natural disaster and catastrophe response. Whether it’s a tornado, hurricane, wildfire, wind, or flooding event, members get real ground truth to serve their business and customer needs more efficiently and effectively.

API & Integrations

Bring imagery into your preferred GIS platform with powerful APIs.

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ALERT: Aerial imagery is now available from the Oak Fire in Mariposa County, CA
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