Viewer App

Identify and evaluate property quickly and easily online

The Benefits of Seeing Clearly

With just an address, view entire neighborhoods or a single property with ease in stunningly clear resolution.

Access Imagery Anywhere

As a web-based application, Viewer allows you access to imagery from wherever you are, whether at your home office or on the go. Keep your property in sight and at your fingertips.

Analyze Layer Data

Select the layer of information you need on a particular property for greater analysis. Whether it’s an ultra-high-resolution Blue Sky view or a post-CAT Gray Sky capture. easily switch between images with the click of a mouse.

Measure Simply & Easily

Evaluate length and area on ortho images inside Viewer.

Compare Historical Views

Need to see change over time? Select the history icon to quickly view and compare current and historical imagery, date-stamped with resolution information.

Share Imagery Across Your Team

Since GIC membership comes with enterprise access for your organization, you can quickly share an exact location of a property with just a link.

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  • Elevation data & property attributes
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  • And much more

Gray Sky Events: Hurricane Idalia | Maui Fires | Gray Fire
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