Gray Sky Event: Tornados Across Germany

Major weather events are popping up all around the globe, including multiple tornados that touched down across portions of western and northern Germany this past weekend. Many cities and small towns were impacted with roads and railways ripped up and causing major disruption to travel. At least 43 people have been injured in one of the hardest hit areas, Paderborn, with one fatality in Wittgert.

As emergency responders and first aid groups moved in to help those in greatest need, the aftermath of each tornado was apparent. Stripped or fallen trees were scattered across homes and roads, debris of sheet metal and insulation were blown several hundred feet. Cars and rooftops were smashed or greatly damaged by the multitude of material spread about by the storm.

Our Gray Sky team mobilized quickly once skies were clear and safe to fly in. Imagery was collected and published within 24 hours to our GIC members.

Below are a few images from the hardest hit area, Paderborn, which has a population of roughly 150,000.