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A Week at the GIC

This is a recap of a week at the GIC – and you’d be surprised at just how busy a single week can be!

Hurricane Preparedness 101 – GIC response time and capture area

An excerpt from a GIC webinar highlighting the response time and response area covered by the GIC.

Meet Richard: Our Resident Gray Sky Guru

As the Director of Disaster Response, Richard and his team work tirelessly to collect, process, and deliver imagery to GIC members and emergency managers to better aid recovery and restoration efforts for all those impacted.

Seeing the Blind Spot with High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Karl Meredith from FM Global discusses how the GIC has provided a way to address this blind spot and turn it into an opportunity.

Viewer Tutorials – Logging In and Out & Password Reset

How to log in & out of the Viewer, as well as how to do a password reset.

Innovation through High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Karl Meredith from FM Global discusses innovation in the insurance space and the importance of using high-resolution imagery to carry out projects and tasks.

Viewer Tutorials – Timeline Tool

An introduction to and walkthrough of the Timeline Tool.

Viewer Tutorials – Auto Contrast Tool

An introduction to the Auto Contrast tool, including where to access it.

Viewer Tutorials – Collections: Layers & Overlays

Details on how to access layers and overlays, along with uploading data used by your organization.

Viewer Tutorials – Image Gallery

An introduction to the Image Gallery, including how to access it.

Analyze Post-Hurricane Imagery

Using imagery provided through the GIC along with key integrations, quickly analyze the areas impacted by a hurricane.

Viewer Tutorials – Compass Control Tool

An introduction to the Compass Control Tool.

Viewer Tutorials – Dual View

Details on what Dual View is and how to use it.

The Viewer – New Compass & Timeline Tools

Learn about the Compass and Timeline Tools, both available in the Viewer.

Viewer Tutorials – Searching for a Location

How to search for a location in the Viewer.

Viewer Tutorials – Navigating the Viewer

An introduction to the Viewer and how to navigate its different features.

Viewer Features: Import & Search Your Data Sets

Viewer powers your exploration beyond just seeing imagery. Now you can search through your own data sets with ease.

Hurricane Ida – Infrastructure Impact

Hurricane Ida left devastating destruction in its wake, including many key pieces of infrastructure.

Hurricane Ida’s Impact

In Houma, Louisiana, Hurricane Ida took a toll on residential neighborhoods across the area.

The Viewer – Switch Between Oblique Views

Utilize different oblique views to get the full picture of the state of a property.

High-Res Aerial Imagery for Insurers – In Australia!

Whether you’re looking for new, fresh, hi-res, or simply more imagery, get what you need through the GIC.

The Viewer – Views Before & After Disasters

To best help your customers, get views both before and after disasters.

The Viewer – See City Growth Over Time

Track the growth of your city over time by using imagery provided through the GIC!

The Viewer – Switch Between Capture Dates

Switch between capture dates in the Viewer for a new perspective on property changes over time.

Property Attributes – Defensible Space

Analyze defensible space around an insured property.

Viewer Tutorials – Sharing Location by URL

An example of how to both share & create the URL of a specific location.