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A Week at the GIC

This is a recap of a week at the GIC – and you’d be surprised at just how busy a single week can be!

Hurricane Preparedness 101 – GIC response time and capture area

An excerpt from a GIC webinar highlighting the response time and response area covered by the GIC.

Seeing the Blind Spot with High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Karl Meredith from FM Global discusses how the GIC has provided a way to address this blind spot and turn it into an opportunity.

Viewer Tutorials – Logging In and Out & Password Reset

How to log in & out of the Viewer, as well as how to do a password reset.

Innovation through High-Resolution Aerial Imagery

Karl Meredith from FM Global discusses innovation in the insurance space and the importance of using high-resolution imagery to carry out projects and tasks.

Viewer Tutorials – Timeline Tool

An introduction to and walkthrough of the Timeline Tool.

Viewer Tutorials – Auto Contrast Tool

An introduction to the Auto Contrast tool, including where to access it.

Viewer Tutorials – Collections: Layers & Overlays

Details on how to access layers and overlays, along with uploading data used by your organization.

Viewer Tutorials – Image Gallery

An introduction to the Image Gallery, including how to access it.

Analyze Post-Hurricane Imagery

Using imagery provided through the GIC along with key integrations, quickly analyze the areas impacted by a hurricane.

Viewer Tutorials – Compass Control Tool

An introduction to the Compass Control Tool.

Viewer Tutorials – Dual View

Details on what Dual View is and how to use it.

The Viewer – New Compass & Timeline Tools

Learn about the Compass and Timeline Tools, both available in the Viewer.

Viewer Tutorials – Searching for a Location

How to search for a location in the Viewer.

Viewer Tutorials – Navigating the Viewer

An introduction to the Viewer and how to navigate its different features.

Viewer Features: Import & Search Your Data Sets

Viewer powers your exploration beyond just seeing imagery. Now you can search through your own data sets with ease.

Hurricane Ida – Infrastructure Impact

Hurricane Ida left devastating destruction in its wake, including many key pieces of infrastructure.

Hurricane Ida’s Impact

In Houma, Louisiana, Hurricane Ida took a toll on residential neighborhoods across the area.

The Viewer – Switch Between Oblique Views

Utilize different oblique views to get the full picture of the state of a property.

High-Res Aerial Imagery for Insurers – In Australia!

Whether you’re looking for new, fresh, hi-res, or simply more imagery, get what you need through the GIC.

The Viewer – Views Before & After Disasters

To best help your customers, get views both before and after disasters.

The Viewer – See City Growth Over Time

Track the growth of your city over time by using imagery provided through the GIC!

The Viewer – Switch Between Capture Dates

Switch between capture dates in the Viewer for a new perspective on property changes over time.

Property Attributes – Defensible Space

Analyze defensible space around an insured property.

Viewer Tutorials – Sharing Location by URL

An example of how to both share & create the URL of a specific location.