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The robust data library of the GIC is powered by Vexcel Imaging, the industry leader in aerial sensors and large-scale processing. Access to this location content at enterprise scale means you have the ability to drive innovation across your organization and stay competitive in an ever changing marketplace.

Discover Insights & Fuel New Ideas

Not all oblique imagery is created equal and the GIC library offers the most accurate oblique coverage for your needs. Trusting what you see is vital for uncovering crucial location insights faster and more reliably.

Unlock Improved Collaboration Across Teams

Consistent and reliable imagery means everyone across your company has access to the same information. The shared knowledge around an area enables teams to develop enhanced workflows, from one end of the policy life cycle to the other.

Optimize Computer Vision & AI

What do you get when you mesh computer vision with geospatial data? The ability to generate rich property intelligence across your organization, by mining information at scale. Use AI for quick feature extraction of swimming pools, solar panels, trampolines, tree overhang and more.

Partners for Marketable Solutions

Disaster and CAT response has been fundamentally changed with the use of AI. The GIC partners with leaders in data analytics, providing members access to a host of tools and resources, such as automated damage classification analysis that can easily be integrated into your existing workflows.

See Immediate Aftermath with Gray Sky

The GIC’s Gray Sky program is the most comprehensive in the industry when it comes to capturing imagery for a natural disaster and catastrophe response. Whether it’s a tornado, hurricane, wildfire, wind, or flooding event, members get real ground truth to serve their business and customer needs more efficiently and effectively.

API & Integrations

Bring imagery into your preferred GIS platform with powerful APIs.

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ALERT: Aerial imagery is now available from the Oak Fire in Mariposa County, CA
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