Gray Sky Event: Flooding in Australia

Widespread flooding in Victoria, Australia has overwhelmed multiple communities with fast moving water. Major rivers such as the Murray River in Echuca has swollen beyond its banks with residents frantically working to build levees to stem the rising waters and protect the town. But the situation is only looking to get worse as more rainfall is expected and residents are working frantically to build barriers with sand bags.

Our Gray Sky team was able to mobilize quickly and get up in the air to collect aerial imagery of this catastrophic event. Across Echuca, Rochester, and Moamoa, our planes captured the current situation in high resolution. Below are some examples of this imagery and how it highlights the dire situation in many parts of Victoria.

This first image below shows how much water has inundated a property, surrounding its occupants with several feet of water.

Below, you can compare a regular Gray Sky image against the Multispectral view of that same exact location. Multispectral imagery helps clearly define the water lines from the vegetation which can be more difficult to discern in darker areas. Additional flood imagery is also posted below.

You can learn more about how the GIC captures Gray Sky events here. No one captures more disasters than the GIC. To request access to imagery from the floods in Australia or other imagery, please fill out our contact form below.