CAT Response

Rapid Access to Catastrophe Imagery

Minimize Field Assessments with Virtual Inspections

Faster Response:

Remotely evaluate customer properties in 5-10 minutes from your computer. Triage which claims need immediate action or additional in-person inspections.

Improve Response Time

Rapidly assess the impact of a catastrophic event with imagery collected by the GIC. Access imagery within 24 hours after collection, helping accelerate property evaluations.

Verify Impact of Event

Clear, current imagery after a disaster allows insurers to easily measure and validate the impact to entire neighborhoods and communities. This type of visual confirmation improves claims management and helps insurers understand the scope of damage.

Trust Consistent, Accurate Imagery

Collecting post-CAT imagery is just one part of the process following a disaster. The second involves processing massive amounts of data to ensure high-resolution imagery helps you quickly identify ground conditions. From roofs to vegetation, structures to utilities, imagery provided by the GIC gives you real ground truth.

See Immediate Aftermath with Gray Sky

The GIC’s Gray Sky program is the most comprehensive in the industry when it comes to capturing imagery for a natural disaster and catastrophe response. Whether it’s a tornado, hurricane, wildfire, wind, or flooding event, members get real ground truth to serve their business and customer needs more efficiently and effectively.

API & Integrations

Bring imagery into your preferred GIS platform with powerful APIs.

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ALERT: Aerial imagery is now available from the Oak Fire in Mariposa County, CA
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