Gray Sky Event: Mill and McKinney Fires

Our Gray Sky team has been monitoring the growth and spread of several wildfires across the Western United States. This week we collected both the Mill & McKinney Fires in California. Our planes were able to safely get into the air and capture high-resolution ortho and multispectral imagery of the property damage from above.

Mill Fire

The Mill Fire started burning on September 2, 2022, in Weed, California. The fast moving flames destroyed entire neighborhoods and warehouses, leaving a gutted landscape pockmarked with empty foundations. The wildfire grew so intensely that residents living in the Lincoln Heights area had little time to react.

In the imagery gallery below, you can see several before/after comparisons of what once stood in these communities, including additional imagery of the fire’s destruction. Having our Blue Sky imagery to compare against helps our insurance members do a pre- and post-event analysis of the fire’s devastating effects.

Mill Fire Aerial Images