Gray Sky

No one flies more disaster events than the GIC. Get rapid access to high-resolution imagery and data for natural disaster response.

The Gray Sky Advantage

The Gray Sky program is the most comprehensive in the industry when it comes to capturing imagery for a major natural disaster and catastrophe response. The GIC has been covering disasters since Hurricane Harvey struck Texas in 2017. Whether it’s a tornado, hurricane, wildfire, wind, or flooding event, members get the real truth on the ground to serve their business and customer needs more efficiently and effectively.

Rapid Response

As an approved partner with first responders and public safety officials, imagery from CAT events is available within 24 hours of collection. The speed of the response means members can lower claims cycle time, remotely view impacted areas safely, and manage loss mitigation.

Quality Imagery

Gray Sky imagery is provided at the highest possible resolution, giving members a clear view of the impact following a CAT event.

Rich AI Data

Disaster and CAT response has been fundamentally changed by using AI. Using the GIC’s robust image library, developers mine every pixel and extract features such as wind-damaged property, burned houses, and tornado paths to provide fast insight at scale.

Types of Disasters

No matter the type of storm or catastrophe, the GIC is poised and ready to respond when disaster strikes. Peruse through a short gallery of Gray Sky events recently captured by our team.

Post-CAT Optimized for Insurance

  • Smarter Underwriting

    Streamline underwriting efforts and reduce operating costs with access to current, clear geospatial data

  • Superior Fraud Protection

    Use the GIC’s premium quality imagery to combat fraud, develop remote investigations, and uncover crucial insights

  • Faster, Safer Claims Processing

    When disasters hit, you need rapid access to high-res aerial data, delivered within 24 hours following collection of an event

  • Better Data, Improved Risk Modeling

    Use a wide breadth of location intelligence to more accurately predict threats to specific locations

  • Enhanced Customer Communication

    Respond quickly to customers in crisis by viewing current property conditions in high-resolution

Compare before and after views

By accessing pre- and post-CAT imagery of an impacted area, members quickly identify key ground conditions such as roof blow-off, property damage, flooding, and more.

Emergency Responders: Need Timely Post-Cat Imagery?

The GIC provides access to its Gray Sky aerial imagery database to emergency personnel involved in recovery and response efforts to impacted communities. Access to this imagery is available at no cost and with no obligation.

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Hurricane Ian Update: More post-CAT aerial imagery is available in GIC and partner platforms.
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