Severe weather—tornadoes, hail—cause damage across Alabama, into Georgia

On March 25, 2021, severe weather began to take hold across several parts of southeastern Alabama, resulting in massive hail storms and devastating tornadoes that caused significant damage, including loss of life. The GIC activated the Gray Sky team to monitor the events and quickly concluded that these storms would require coverage to help emergency managers and GIC member insurers respond to the impacted communities.

Our pilots collected oblique and ortho imagery at various points along the path of multiple tornadoes. High-resolution oblique imagery will provide further assistance to those needing to measure damage to structures not completely destroyed and to offer multiple views of each property. Ortho imagery offers a birds-eye wide area view to help understand the scale of the destruction. This imagery has been processed and is now available to GIC members.

Surveying Communities in Need

Below are some of the images the Gray Sky team collected in the aftermath of the storms, stretching along Calhoun County, Alabama and on into Newnan, Georgia. The destruction was particularly harsh in Newnan with a massive tornado causing EF-2 (111 – 135 mph) levels of damage, shifting homes completely off their foundation, removing roofs, and demolishing mobile homes.