TIP: Search by Latitude/Longitude

For many, this simple tip might be old news. But for many others it could provide a huge productivity boost. In the GIC web application, in addition to searching for a location by street address, you can also search by latitude/longitude coordinate. Coordinates are most commonly represented in databases as decimal degrees. If you have a pair of numbers like 34.20153, -118.680375 you have a valid latitude, longitude coordinate that you can search on. Simply paste the coordinate into the search box and hit Enter, and you are taken to that precise coordinate.

Give it a try now by visiting our Web app, pasting 34.20153, -118.680375 into the search box, and hit Enter.

Here’s an additional tip. Mapping sites like Bing Maps and Google maps make it easy to get the coordinate for any place on Earth by right-clicking on the map. In fact in Bing, after right-clicking, they show the latitude/longitude coordinate and provide a convenient ‘copy’ link to put it on the clipboard, ready to paste into the search box in the GIC web application.