InsureTech Connect 2021–A Conference of Announcements

InsureTech Connect 2021 may be over in Las Vegas for this year, but the event and experiences and feedback our team received have created much excitement for this coming year. It’s going to a new age of digital innovation for insurers, and we are here to help guide and usher insurers into a more advanced era.

Week of Announcements

First things first, the most eventful part of the InsureTech was our Operations Partner, Vexcel Data Program, announcing two big additions to their aerial imagery program and geospatial data products.

  • Building Footprints & Property Attributes: added to Vexcel’s vast geospatial information content for Australia and the U.S. These new data sets enhance the best-in-class aerial imagery by adding extra layers of visualization, measurements, and valuable attributes at the property level.
  • NEW–Collecting Japan: Vexcel is expanding aerial imagery collection into Japan, starting immediately. This new addition increases the footprint of the Urban Area program, an ultra-high-resolution collection focused on major metro areas around the globe. Japan’s largest cities, encompassing more than 68% of the population, will be collected under the expanded program.
Attendee Feedback and Reactions

The best part of being able to be back chatting to customers and attendees to events in person is hearing firsthand the reaction and feedback to our comprehensive data library. Our GIC team of experts spent hours on end showcasing and providing in depth demos of how insurers can better use aerial content across the policy life cycle.

The Advantages of an Aerial Playbook for Insurers

Ryan Bank, Global Managing Director of the GIC, presented to a packed crowd about the benefits of having an aerial playbook for an insurer’s book of business. From the wide scale Blue Sky imagery to the longest running disaster imagery collection program, Gray Sky, insurers were given key insights to the high depth value aerial imagery brings to their everyday workflows.

Thanks for a wonderful InsureTech Connect 2021! Looking forward to an even brighter future and more to come in 2022.