Gray Sky Event: More tornadoes hit Oklahoma

After already being pummeled by tornadoes early in April, at least nine tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma, the hardest hit being the area of Barnsdall on Monday, May 6, 2024. Roughly 40 minutes north of Tulsa, damage to multiple homes across the impacted area was rated at an EF-4 with at least one fatality. It was the second tornado to hit this small town in just five weeks.

Our Gray Sky team activated quickly as soon as skies were clear and were able to safely and effectively collect all of the newly impacted areas. Less than 24 hours after wheels down on aircraft, imagery was published and available to GIC members. Below is a sampling of the some of the hardest hits areas, including a few before and after comparisons as the GIC has imagery in this area dating back to 2020.

Damage Assessment on Impacted Properties

Members have access to Damage Assessment analytics on impacted homes to get a better idea of the level of destruction and more quickly review and determine the hardest hit areas, whether it’s a home that was completely destroyed or one that sustained minimal damage. Damage Assessment helps jumpstart the restoration and claims process proactively for insurers with their customers with critical details needed before even setting a foot on the ground.

Below is just a small example of how quickly Damage Assessment can help insurers identify damaged properties, including what it looked like before the tornado hit.