The GIC Captures Its First Gray Sky Event in Europe: Covering Germany’s Flooding

Massive flooding has occurred in many parts of the world recently. But during the month of July, catastrophic flooding from record rainfall has wreaked havoc across Germany and bordering countries. Streets turned into rivers, homes washed away, and entire areas have been completely devastated with an ever increasing death toll.

The GIC deployed an UltraCam Osprey camera to capture three highly populated areas hit hard by the floods. This aerial imagery can aid in recovery and mitigation efforts as clean up and damage assessment continues. Both high-resolution oblique and ortho imagery is available to provide a clearer understanding of the full scope of damage, and at a resolution up to 16 times better than satellite imagery. This disaster imagery was collected to the same Gray Sky specifications we use for disaster events in United States and Australia.

Blue Sky imagery is also available for this region so members and public safety staff will be able to compare pre- and post-event aerial content.