Monitoring Tropical Storm Barry

GIC maintains Level 3 – Enhanced Monitoring for Tropical Storm Barry. The National Hurricane Center upgraded Potential Tropical Cyclone Two to Tropical Storm Barry today at the 11 AM Eastern update. Barry is expected to bring storm surge, rainfall, and wind hazards to the central Gulf Coast during next several days, including life-threatening storm surge inundation along the coast of southern and southeastern Louisiana where a Storm Surge Warning has been issued. The highest storm surge is expected between the Mouth of the Atchafalaya River and Shell Beach. A Tropical Storm Warning and Hurricane Watch are in effect for much of the Louisiana coast. The slow movement of the storm will result in a long duration of heavy rainfall threat along the central Gulf Coast and inland through the lower Mississippi Valley through the weekend and potentially into early next week.

GIC will continue to monitor and is making plans for collection of imagery after the storm passes and conditions are safe to do so. If you have specifics requirements for imagery collection, please reach out to