Build Your Own Experience with GIC Imagery

Looking for a more familiar experience using GIC data within your own platform? Introducing MapControl SDK, a toolkit that gives developers the ability to bring the GIC’s comprehensive aerial library into your own applications. By using MapControl SDK, developers have the ability and flexibility to build more immersive ways to showcase high-resolution imagery and geospatial data.

Furthering Innovation with Streamlined Data Access

Aerial imagery is revolutionizing and streamlining the way insurers can inspect properties remotely, view property from multiple angles, and generate AI-driven analysis. MapControl SDK opens the door for developers to create and build  in their native web- and desktop-based applications or add it to GIS or CAMA systems.

With just a few lines of JavaScript code, developers can pick the functionality and imagery they want to use and maintain a common experience with their own branding and customer touch points.

Available Features

Vexcel, the operations partner for the GIC, uses its expertise in aerial imaging by using the same time-tested code in its own web-based application, Viewer. The short video below shows some of the top features developers can bring into their own system.

To unlock the advantages MapControl SDK provides to GIC members, contact the Member Advocacy team for more information.