Maximize Your Property Reviews with Detailed Property and Building Attributes

Remaining competitive in the property and casualty insurance space is an ever evolving challenge. New methods of innovation are introduced every year. But one highly desirable and immediately useful element is investing in the technology and tools to help you see property information faster than ever before. Introducing Elements: Property Attributes.

Instant Analysis of Property

We already offer the world’s largest aerial imagery and geospatial data program; our comprehensive library of content is collected in over 20+ countries, in several different product types (oblique, true ortho, ortho, multispectral, DSM, DTM). Now available is an additional way to take this highly detailed imagery and, by applying machine learning, automatically generate property and building attributes on hundreds of millions of urban and rural residential structures.*

What can you get access to in mere seconds?

Property Attribute Report

Getting attributes on a property starts with the location coordinates and using signature endpoints (APIs, Viewer) to deliver the results. Below is a sample report on a property in California.

Whether you need to identify risk on a property for underwriting purposes, or review property details when resolving a claim, Property Attributes can help you quickly view valuable information. Plus, you can trust the accuracy of our aerial imagery to deliver appropriate results since our imagery is matched against ground control points. This means a near pixel-to-data match across multiple products and derivatives. Every image, every data point aligns with no shifts or irregularities. We’re delivering transformational data–faster than ever before.

Take a look at how our image stack gives you the best ground truth available, from true ortho to DSM data to this latest product, Property Attributes.

Add Property Attributes Today

Bring the value of 20+ property attributes into your workflow today. Contact our Customer Advocacy team for more information.

*Attributes vary by location. Currently available in the contiguous U.S. (urban + rural residential) and Australia (urban residential).