Aerial Imagery & Insights

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The GIC Advantage

A true consortium. Insurer-driven. At cost.

Insurers need up-to-date aerial imagery and geospatial information that is comprehensive and precise. The GIC offers a competitive edge to insurers to enhance their policy workflows, from beginning to end.

Best-In-Class Coverage

With both urban (oblique) and wide area (ortho) capture programs, members can leverage imagery and geospatial data from coast to coast.

Consistent & Accurate

Captured with calibrated sensors and positioned with ground survey points, our professional-grade imagery is unmatched in accuracy and quality.

End-To-End Technology

From market-leading cameras to aerial captures and large-scale data processing, nobody tracks every pixel better than our operations partner Vexcel.

Disaster Imagery

When major disaster strikes, insurers need rapid access to high-resolution aerial location data. The GIC “Gray Sky” program is the most comprehensive, post-catastrophic imagery service available. And, members can access imagery within 24 hours of aircraft collection.

Nationwide Aerial Imagery

Get access to a current (and historic) library of stunningly clear imagery across the country. The wide-area vertical collection spans coast-to-coast, and the urban 3D capture showcases 900+ cities covering 80% of the U.S. population.

Access Imagery Anywhere

You need a better way to visualize data. Access to the cloud-based Viewer App lets you quickly analyze your area of interest—all you need is an address.

Easy Integration & APIs

Integrate the powerful image library and geospatial data into your workflows. Access the information you need in your preferred third-party application—all through APIs.

What our members are saying…

This relationship with the GIC allows us to better serve our customers through innovative tools and technology…and ultimately, we’ll be able to write policies for consumers faster.

This advanced imagery allows our fraud investigators to conduct an investigation remotely; without GIC imagery, that would not be possible.

Our improved situational awareness sped up the claims process by several weeks. Policy holders came to a CRC and received a check on the spot to cover temporary living expenses.

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